Vanity Alias Email Address Service

Your.Name @       Your Own Unique Permanent Forwarding Email Address for a LIFETIME!


























Why get a email address?

-  A simple email address associated with your Finnish heritage
-  Keep your same email address for life!  Change email services as often as you want but the only person 
   you need to notify each time you change your email is us!
-  Easier to remember and tell others than, for example,
-  If you need a second or private email address
-  No setup required at your end.  Just fill out the form below and start giving out your new  

Obtain your own, unique permanent email address such as  

How it works:

  • Your Alias is an automatic email redirecting service. 

  • You provide us with  and what email account you want it to point to (any  email account that you currently use).

  • Give out out to all friends and family

  • All email sent to your new virtual address will be automatically forwarded to your normal email box. This process is completely transparent and only takes a second or two.

  • Each time you change your email service there is no need to notify all your contacts!  Just fill out the email change form below and your emails then are automatically redirected your to new email account! Change service providers or "real" email addresses as often as you want since your virtual email address will not change (just where we point it to).



  • Setup more than one account per household.   Set up multiple accounts that all point to the same email address. When you receive the emails in your Inbox, create a rule or filter (Outlook, for example) that is based on the "To:" of the various aliases that forward to folders you specify.

  • Create a second Spam throw-away address-  Rather than giving out your actual email address, create a throw-away Spam address that you can discontinue at any time.

Open A New Alias Email Account- $20 One-time fee for LIFETIME Email address! 
No annual fees

Your Email Address Email address that you you will be forwarding to email Alias Input anything you want in front of
   Use your PayPal or credit card.  Secure credit card transaction.

Change the Email Address forwards to (for current users).  $10 fee

Current email
New email address New email address to forward to
   Use your PayPal or credit card.  Secure credit card transaction.